Lexi Parra is a Venezuelan-American visual storyteller and community educator based in Caracas, Venezuela. She graduated from Bard College in May 2018 with a joint degree in Photography and Human Rights. Following graduation, she moved to her family’s home country of Venezuela to bring photography education to vulnerable youth.

With the 2018 Davis Peace prize, she founded an ongoing workshop program called Project MiRA (Look).(+ more info and GoFundMe here)

Apart from teaching, Lexi is focused on photographing life in Venezuela - specifically interested in understanding how people are looking to create and define an identity, a future, within the framework of ‘crisis.’

Lexi is fluent in both Spanish and English + available for assignments globally (she writes on occasion, too.)

She is a member of the Women Photograph Caracas chapter.

Currently in Caracas, Venezuela. Email: lexigraceparra@gmail.com

Lexi Parra

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